Friday, July 31, 2009

Backtalk Scores In G2 Sanford

The race looked chalky going in and in the end the favorite did his part. Backtalk looked ripe for defeat with a sixteenth to go, but he called on his class late to dig in and get up to score in the prestigious event.

The sad thing is my "price" and cover in a light exacta, Nacho Friend, ran about as green as possible, preventing himself from really having a shot to get up late. On ability, he was as good as anyone in the race.

Where will the field go from here? Nacho Friend and Bulls and Bears have ability and will make a name for themselves. Backtalk is a tough, honest horse, but I think he lacks a bit in the brilliance department and am not sure how far heart and desire will carry him once he starts running into experienced, swift opposition. He is a young 2yo with room to grown though, so you never know.

For the sake of embarrassing myself I will keep a running tally of performance of my selections after each race. My "long-shots" are not necessarily selections or horses I would use but to be thorough I'll keep an eye on their performance as well. To keep tabs on the ROI, each selection will be based on a hypothetical $2 across the board wager.

Rail Tout Saratoga 2009 Selections
Win% - 50%
ITM% - 100%
Wagered: $12
Winnings: $18.70
Profit: $6.70

Rail Tout Saratoga 2009 Long Shots
Win%: 0%
ITM%: 0%
Wagered: $12
Winnings: $0
Losses: -$12

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The_Knight_Sky said...

"Embarrassment" is good for the soul.

Apparently it's the only way to crossover into Beulah Land. So it's definitely worth the effort.

~ the guy who went 0-for-9 at his first T-bred Meadowlands card (and many cards thereafter). ;-)