Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breeders Cup 2009 Odds

With posts drawn and morning lines assigned its time to start finding where the value resides in the card.

I've made a spreadhseet building upon the Grades in past posts and added the morning line and horses that I think are overlays and underlays. You can view this here

BC Grades w/ Odds Analysis

Its fairly self explanatory but I'll provde a brief breakdown. I've assigned colors next to the odds to represent good value (green), poor value (red) and nuetral (yellow). The first two are self explanatory. The neutral designation is for lines that I think are either accurate (neither terribly attractive nor poor) or lines that wont affect my overall opinion on the play. Entrants left blank I dont really have a definitive opinion one way or the other.

Keep in mind these were my first thoughts on the odds and will change as I have more time to look at them and consider them.

Feel free to check back at this link from time to time to see updates I make.

Railtout Breeders Cup Schedule

Thursday: Picks for Friday
Friday: Picks for Saturday
Saturday: Live blog
Sunday: Recap

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