Monday, August 3, 2009

Saratoga Weekend Results

Not a bad weekend, not particularly great.

Saturday was another profitable day. We're not talking massive profits, but cashing bets and grinding it out penny by penny. We had a winner and a second for a modest 32% gain.

Sunday was a tale of what might have been. The disadvantage of posting picks is there is no way to adjust on the fly. The off going made me adjust my handicapping on Sunday, but I put my picks in here on Friday while I hoped for less yielding turf. My picks here finished second and third respectively, for a 37% loss. (All picks are hypothetically played across the board)

Overall now, 6 races in, I have a 16% profit. That's modest considering the 33% win rate and 100% "in the money" rate, but such is life when you're betting chalk. I've yet to feel comfortable in a real long-shot or price, but sometimes its best (and most profitable) to not out think yourself and take easy money if it's there.

For anyone wishing to follow my my plays, you can see the full results with payouts below...

Saratoga 2009 Picks and Results

G2 Diana (RT pick:Forever Together, Finish: 1st)

G2 Jim Dandy (RT pick: Warriors Reward, Finish:2nd)

G2 Fourstardave (RT pick: Cowboy Cal, Finish:3rd)

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G1 Go For Wand (RT pick: Miss Isella, Finish: 2nd)

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